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If you are unsure where to begin with the organization of your wedding in Italy, click here for an easy step by step guide. With us, before you know it, your wedding will be ready to go

You have been invited to the wedding? That’s Great! Let them know you can make it and have access to all the details you need to know about the wedding day.

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Weddings in Italy are very popular. Italy is in fact the number one European wedding destination. However, despite this, there isn’t anything on the web that can help couples choose vendors and locations depending on their budget or the style of wedding they have in mind. Weddign&Italy was created to overcome this issue and allow couples to select from a wide range of vendors, all through one easy-to-use online portal.

Laura (Ireland)

 For anyone considering getting married in Italy- this should be your first port of call for much needed and honest advice. From issues with planners to hidden costs, Wedding&Italy is a source of invaluable advice. W&I has a way of putting your mind at ease when you most need it.

Orla (UK)

I would like to say how fantastic Wedding&Italy is, it offers so much helpful information as well as tips and tricks that I found so helpful when starting to plan my wedding.

Cian & Diana (Ireland-Argentina)

My now wife and I have wanted to get married in a "neutral" country as we are both of different nationalities. Rome was the city for us. We didn't want to hire a wedding planner, but we struggled to find information on the web unless we paid for it. Then I found Wedding&Italy which has helped us with anything we needed. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for it, we would have given up our dream of getting married in Italy. Through Wedding&Italy We found all the suppliers we needed.