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10 Unconventional Wedding Dress Colours

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10 Unconventional Wedding Dress Colours


Many people think that white is the only possible colour for a wedding dress, but times are changing, and more and more brides are now opting to forgo the traditional white dress for something a bit more colourful! 

If you are a bride with a bit of a creative streak, a non traditional wedding dress colour might just be the perfect choice for you! 

Here are just a couple of the options available: 


Pink Dress 

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We’ve covered pink wedding dresses in this past article, but it bears repeating that pink is a great alternative choice. Like white, pink traditionally represents innocence and femininity, but it is more playful and flirty, and is perfect for the young (or young at heart!) bride. 


Yellow Dress 

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As long as you don’t opt for a shade that is too bright, yellow is a great option for an understated, elegant bride. Yellow is sophisticated and chic, and will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons! 


Green Dress

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Green is traditionally associated with peace and tranquility, isn’t that just what you want for your big day? You can opt for a soft, gentle sea green or a bolder bright green, either way you’re sure to feel like a million dollars! 


Blue Dress 

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Blue is another colour linked to serenity and peace, and like green, there are many beautiful hues to choose from. Blue is a great choice for the more mature bride as it projects a stately elegance that is difficult to beat! 


Purple Dress 


Purple is a colour traditionally associated with royalty, due to its scarcity in centuries gone by. The perfect purple gown will allow you to capture this regal tradition, and will make you feel like a true princess! 


Red Dress 

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If you are a risk taker, than a daring red dress might be the right choice for you! Red is also a great choice for the bride with a rebellious streak who wants to underline her individuality and refusal to conform to tradition! 


Ivory/Cream Dress 

 If you aren’t 100% convinced that you want to break with tradition, an ivory or cream dress might be the best choice. Both of these colours represent a style that respects the past but looks to the future with a modern twist. 


Two Tone Dress

2 tones dress      2tones dress

If you’re going to opt for something out of the ordinary, why not go the whole mile and choose a dress that has more than one colour? You can mix any of the other colours mentioned here with white, or even create a unique new combination. 


Gold/Silver Dress



Gold or Silver gowns are the perfect choice for an over-the-top and extravagant wedding. 


Top Tip: If you have chosen an opulent gold or silver dress, keep your accessories simple, this will create a lovely contrast. 


Black Dress 


If you really want to flout convention, black is a great choice! There are plenty of elegant black gowns to choose from, so there is no need to worry that you’ll end up looking like Morticia Addams! (Unless of course you’re hosting a halloween wedding and that’s the look you’re going for!) 


Multicolour Wedding Dress 


Another bold choice is to opt for a multicolour dressAfter all, why opt for just one colour when you can have the whole rainbow? This would be especially cool for an LGBT wedding. The colours can be bold or muted, but your unique personality and sense of style will always shine through! 


So there you have it! Are you interested in choosing a non-traditional wedding dress colour? We’d love to hear all about it! 

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