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15 most beautiful Italian boroughs for a charming wedding

Photo Facibeni

15 most beautiful Italian boroughs for a charming wedding

photo facibeni

Italy has so many beautiful spots in which to have your perfect wedding day but if you are looking for that extra special charm, then boroughs are what you are looking for.

Boroughs are “frazioni” of a village, a sort of subsection which was usually built before or after the village or “paese”. They can be very picturesque, complete with small streets winding up and down hills and houses with the typical tiled roofs that give that overall romantic Italian look. It really would add that extra touch of class to your wedding day!

Here is a list of the most beautiful Italian boroughs:


1. Gradara in Pesaro and Urbino 

 Gradara in Pesaro and Urbino 
Gradara in centre Italy, is the cute medieval borough with charming castle, one of the beste preserved in the whole country.

2. Sperlinga in Enna 

     Sperlinga in Enna 
Sperlinga in Sicily, is a borough about 750 m above the sea level, dominated by a large medieval castle from the Norman times. 

3. Neive in Cuneo

        Neive in Cuneo
Neive is a borough in the province of Cuneo near Turin. It's just so beautiful and characteristic.

4. Cutigliano in Pistoia 

         Cutigliano in Pistoia 
Custigliano in Tuscany, is a charming borough built around the VIII century AD, Not to be missed!

5. Sorano in Grosseto 

                Sorano in Grosseto 
Sorano in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany, is an ancient medieval boroughmade of tuff stone. Very picturesque indeed!

6. Dozza in Bologna 

        Dozza in Bologna
Dozza in the province of Bologna, is a borough known for its painted wall festival, which takes place every two years. Quite unique!

7. Bevagna in Perugia 

      Bevagna in Perugia 
Bevagna in the province of Perugia, is a very beautiful borough originally an Etrusco-Oscan settlement which became a Roman Mnicipium in the 80-90BC

8. Canale di Tenno in Trento 

        Canale di Tenno in Trento 
Canale di Tenno is a medieval borough on the hill overlooking lake Garda. It looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale!

9. Montalbano Elicona in Messina 

       Montalbano Elicona in Messina 
Montalbano Elicona is the province of Messina, with it;s beautiful castle built in the 1233 byt the emperor Federico II is just a gem!

10. Ostuni in Brindisi 

      Ostuni in Brindisi
Ostuni in the province of Brindisi, is a borough built by the Greeks, Destroyed during the Punic Wars, it is now also known as "the white city" for the houses coloured entirely in white to reflect the sun and keep the town cool.

11. Sperlonga in Latina 

         Sperlonga in Latina 
Sperlonga is a borough located close to Rome, overlooking the sea. The name comes from the Roman "Spelunca" (Latin for cave or grotto) as it wsa known for the grotto on the coast, after which it was named.

12. Castelsardo in Sassari 

          Castel Sardo in Sassari 
Castelsardo is a lovely little town on the seaside that woulf make your wedding day very unique.

13. Gerace in Calabria

                     Gerace in Calabria
Gerace in the province of Reggio Calabria, is a really cute borough that stands on a hill formed of conglomerates of sea fossils formed over 60 million years ago.

14. Cefalu in Palermo 

Cefalu in Palermo 
Cefalu' is just perfect for your wedding day, founded by the Greeks in 396 BC, this spot just has that special something!

15. Castelmezzano in Potenza

          Castelmezzano in Potenza

Castelmezzano is beautiful borough founded by the Greeks during the 6th and 5th centuries BC. It looks like it’s part of the rock as the whole borough is built into the mountains.


Did you ever consider the idea of getting married in one of these small towns? It would definitely make your wedding day very unique and memorable for you and your guests!



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