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A Halloween wedding

A Halloween wedding

Traditionally, Halloween was not considered an important holiday in Italy, as deeply catholic Italians tended to celebrate all soul’s day (or La Festa dei Morti as it is known in Italian) on the 2nd of November instead. However, in recent years, thanks to a rise in popularity of American culture, more and more Italians are adapting Halloween customs such as dressing up and trick or treating (dolcetto o scherzetto).

A Halloween wedding might seem a little bit out of the ordinary, and will certainly not be the first choice for every couple, but it could be just the perfect choice for you if you want to celebrate your wedding in a quirky and original way.


So, if you have decided to get married around the 31st of October, why not take into consideration some of the following spooky and kooky ideas for a frightfully fun Halloween wedding?


Halloween wedding invitation


Let your guests know that they are in for a wedding with a twist right from the very beginning by sending out some devilishly clever invitations complete with all of your favourite Halloween characters.

They'll be dying to see what you've got up your sleeve for the actual weeding day once they've seen your spooky invitations!

Halloween Dress Code

One of the most fun aspects of opting to tie the knot in Halloween style is that it will you so much more choice when it comes to the design and colour of your wedding dress.

Why not plump for a bright orange pumpkin style dress, or an elegant black gown in true vampire style (maybe splattered with the “blood” of your latest victims!).

If you want to be a ghost bride, one good idea is to dress in an old fashioned wedding dress that is torn or fraying around the edges. The groom can also wear a Halloween inspired suit, or greet his bride to be dressed as Dracula or Frankenstein's Monster.

Why not ask all of your guests to come to your wedding in costume? There are endless ways that you could go about this, from a spooktacular Venetian style masked masquerade to a traditional American costume party.

Tip: Whatever you decide to do, make sure to let your guests know well in advance, so that they will have the time to pull together a decent costume (you don’t want people turning up in normal clothes with just a witch’s hat or some cat ears to let you know that they are in costume!)

Another fun idea is to give your guests the incentive to unleash their creativity by introducing a prize for the best costume, and the best couples costume!

Halloween Wedding Decorations


Another great aspect of hosting a Halloween themed wedding is that you can decorate your venue with all of your favourite spooky decorations; cauldrons, cobwebs, candelabras, skeletons, pumpkins, goblins, ghouls, you name it!

One creepily cool idea is to have your wedding at night surrounded by glowing jack-a-lanterns, this will create just the right atmosphere for your offbeat Halloween ceremony. You could add some witches cauldrons bubbling over with sinister smoke to really complete the spooky scene!


As with the dress, choosing a Halloween wedding will allow you much more choice when it comes to your bouquet, why not chose some gothic black flowers such as the beautiful black pansy or the mysterious deep purple hues of the "queen of the night" tulip.

Halloween Wedding Cake

 Why not plump for a decadent and eye catching Halloween Wedding cake to really add the final touch to your fabulously freaky nuptials? You can choose from all sorts of spooky cake designs, incorporating all of your favourite Halloween characters and traditions.

Halloween Food


You can  add a hint of ghoulish fun to your wedding menu by opting for some Halloween dishes such as pumpkin pie, candy apples and trick or treat candies.  



Serve your wine in goblets so that your guests feel like they are attending a gory gothic wedding, and make sure to ask your caterer to add lots of blood red and slime green food colouring to any recipe that they can!




Halloween Party Games


Playing games such as bobbing for apples and hide and go seek is one of the most fundamental aspects of celebrating Halloween, so why not challenge your guests to recreate their favourite Halloween games from childhood during your reception? It’ll be spine tingling fun for everyone!


Another great idea for your Halloween themed reception is to project classic horror movies on to big screens throughout the room, or hire a storyteller to terrify your guests with some Halloween tales of ghosts, goblins and ghouls. Here is a link to an extensive list of some spookily fun games sure to entertain you and your guests.




To really top your evening off, hire some Halloween entertainment to keep your guests doing the monster mash all night long!

Tip: If you aren't able to find any specifically Halloween themed entertainers, simply request that your entertainment arrives in costume! They will most likely be delighted to take part in your theatrically terrifying soiree!


So there you have it, some creepy ideas for a fun filled Halloween wedding, have you already hosted your own spooktacular ceremony? I'd love to hear all about it!


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