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Advice for Parents

Photo: Francesca Boccabella

Advice for Parents


As a parent, your child's wedding day is a joyous occasion, however if is important to remember that they also represent a time of great change within a person’s life, a shift away from their family of origin to the new family unit they are going to create (or may have already created) with their spouse. This can often be tough to adjust to.Today we are going to share some tips for the mother and father of the brides on how to handle the big day and the transition that it represents.


Your Feelings are Natural 

 Photo Credit: Francesca Boccabella

One of the first things we have to remember is that it is perfectly natural to feel some apprehension about your son or daughter getting married. You are most likely very happy for them, but may be feeling nervous about the change it represents. You may also be somewhat unsure as to your role in the planning of the big day itself as well as the role you will play in the life to the newly married couple. It is healthy to acknowledge and examine these feelings, as this way you will be able to embrace this exciting change. 


Remember that your Son/Daughter is an Adult 

 Photo Credit: Francesca Boccabella

It can often be difficult for parents to accept the fact that while your son/daughter will always be YOUR child, they are no longer A child. You must allow them the space to live their own lives and grow their own families. Even if you are not 100% enamoured with the person they have chosen to marry, remember that it is ultimately their choice, and that your job is to support them in the choice that they have made. 


Get Involved in Wedding Planning 

 Photo Credit: Tommaso Lubrano

Ask if the couple are willing to delegate certain wedding tasks to you, this will allow you to feel like you are an integral part of the big day, and will likely make the day a lot easier emotionally as you will have something to focus on. 


Don’t get TOO involved in Wedding Planning 

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If you are used to playing a big role in your son or daughters life, it may come naturally to you to have a lot of strong opinions on how they should organise their wedding day. Remember that it is up to them to make the final decision on everything, and don’t put undue pressure on them to do things in a certain way. One particularly difficult topics for many parents is the guest list, as you may be worried that certain family members or friends may be offended if they are not invited. Again, bear in mind that it is not your wedding, and allow your child to choose the guests that he/she wants to be present. 


So there you have it! Are you a mother or father of the bride/groom feeling a bit nervous about the big day? We’d love to help so feel free to drop us a line!

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