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Gothic Wedding in Italy

photo credit: popsugar.co.uk

Gothic Wedding in Italy

With more and more couples opting for non-traditional weddings over the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that there has been a steady increase in the number of “goth” couples choosing to incorporate aspects of the popular subculture into their big day. 


Here are just a couple of ideas for a goth inspired wedding: 


Gothic Invitations

Gothic wedding invitation

 Gothic wedding invitation


Give you guests a taste of the eccentric Gothic celebration that awaits them by adding some quirky touches to your invitations. 


Many couples tend to emphasise the “til death do us part” aspect of the ceremony here, and include skeletal wedding couples in their invitations. 


Gothic Location 

Gothic wedding venue

 Gothic wedding venue

Gothic wedding venue

The most obvious location for a Gothic themed wedding would of course be a dramatic, imposing castle filled with authentic period furniture. You can find plenty of castles matching this description throughout Italy. 


Another potential option would be to tie the knot in a dark, mysterious forest, perhaps hosting the ceremony in a secluded clearing. 


Goth Dress 

Gothic wedding dress

As we’ve discussed before in this past article, the days of obligatory white gowns for brides are now long gone. Go wild and choose something that reflects your Goth taste, black material, lots of lace, purple platform boots, the sky is truly the limit! 

Gothic wedding bouquet

 Gothic wedding bouquet

You can compliment your Goth dress with a bouquet of deep purple or dark red flowers, or even dye them black! 


The groom can get in on the gothic action too of course, perhaps by adding a tie adorned with skulls, or a steam-punk inspired top hat to his wedding look! 


Gothic Cake 

                                        Gothic Wedding cake  Gothic Wedding cake

Here is another opportunity to let your imagination run wild! There are so many gothic designs to choose from when it comes to selecting your perfect cake. 


Gothic Entertainment 

Who says you have to have your first dance to a traditional ballad? If you are more into rock or heavy metal, find a band that plays the type of music you love and dance the night away! If your guests are up for it you could even have a wedding day mosh pit! 


Gothic Wedding Favours 

                                                  Gothic wedding favours   Gothic wedding favours

When selecting wedding favours, search out goth artists and craftspeople who will be able to create the perfect gift for your guests. An adorable skull candle perhaps? Or maybe a little coffin full of sweet treats, the choice is up to you! 


Halloween Wedding


Of course, the ultimate goth wedding would take place on Halloween! Find a whole hoGothic weddingst of tips on throwing the perfect Halloween themed big day in this previous article! 


So there you have it! Would you like some tips on how to throw the perfect Gothic wedding? We’re always here to help! 




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