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How to have comfortable Shoes for Your Wedding

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How to have comfortable Shoes for Your Wedding

Wedding days are full of excitement and movement, and from standing at the alter to dancing the night away, you’ll be on your feet for most of it! For this reason you will want to make sure that your shoes are as comfortable as possible.

Here are a couple of tips (for both brides and grooms!) to give your feet a little bit of respite during the big day:


1. Opt for Flats

Flat shoes

We’ve dedicated a whole article to this point recently but it certainly bears repeating! One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t end the day with aching feet is to choose the most comfortable pair of shoes that you can find. Instead of tottering around on uncomfortable high heels you can choose from a wide range of chic yet practical flat options.


2. Break them In!

woman walking

One of the best ways to make any new pair of shoes more comfortable is to break them in for a couple of days. Wear your shoes around the house in the days/weeks leading up to the wedding in order to get used to how they feel.


3. Choose the best fit!

Line of shoes

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One reason that many couples end up in uncomfortable footwear on their big day is that they don’t pay enough attention to getting the right size shoe. Although shoe sizes are somewhat standardised, the material or design of the shoe may differ somewhat from one brand to another, so make sure to ask an experienced salesperson to help you find the best fit for you when you are picking them out!

NB: Formal shoes, for both men and women, tend to be a little bit tighter than average, for this reason the ideal fit might actually be slightly bigger than the size you normally wear.


4. Invest in a Pair of Inserts

shoes inserts

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Another great method for ensuring all day comfort on your big day is to choose a set of cushioned  inserts to help take the pressure off your feet. You should be able to find these easily in any shoe stores, or alternatively you can order them online.


5. Bring Plasters!


Pre=empt any blisters by using plasters at the points where your shoes are coming into contact with your bare skin. Buy transparent ones and your guests will be none the wiser!


So there you have it! Do you need any more help with achieving the perfect balance between style  and comfort on your big day? We’re here to help

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