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Information to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Information to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

So you’ve set a date, decided on the perfect location and finally drafted the guest list, now it’s time to send out the invitations! 

We’ve written extensively on how to choose the right wedding invitation design for you, but today we’re going to tackle the more practical side of the equation, ie. what information do you need to include? 


The Basics 

Wedding invitation

You will of course have to include both of your full names, the date and the location. In some countries it is also customary to include the names of the parents of the bride and groom to be. You should also include the time at which the ceremony and reception will start. 




Although many couples are now opting for an online RSVP system, it is still very popular to send out RSVP cards with your invitations. 

Remember to state a specific date that you would like your guests to RSVP by in order for you to get a clear idea of exactly how many people will be attending. 


 Wedding gift 

It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to specify what type of gifts they would like to receive from guests in their invitations. Given that options such as gift registers, direct bank transfers, gift cards and charity donations are rapidly substituting for traditional gifts of homeware, guests like to have clarity on what you would prefer!

You can find out more about optimising your wedding gifts to your needs in this past article. 



Wedding direction

This element is particularly important for a destination wedding, make sure to include clear and detailed directions letting guests know how to get to and from the location (most likely from the nearest airport of major train station). You will also want to note if any transport has been organised (for example an airport shuttle) to bring guests to the location. 

TIP: You may want to include directions on a different card within the invitation envelope in order to leave the actual invitation itself uncluttered and elegant. 



A sleeping woman

If you have chosen a particular hotel/location that you would like guests to stay at, you can include all of the relevant information. If you have negotiated a discount rate for guests for the duration of the wedding festivities make sure to include details on how they can claim this. 


 Dress Code 

Wedding dress code

If you have decided on a particular Dress Code (Black tie, smart casual, informal etc.) you must include this in the invitation in order to give guests the opportunity to prepare ahead of time. 


 Plus one? 

Plus 1

It is customary to note in the invitation whether or not you would like your guests to bring a plus one. You should also include a short note if you are NOT allowing guests to bring plus ones in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion. 


So there you have it! Do you need help crafting the perfect wedding invitation? We’re always here to help! 

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