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Italy - A Wedding Destination for All Seasons!

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Italy - A Wedding Destination for All Seasons!


it's easy to see why Italy is the most popular country in Europe for destination weddings, amazing food, gorgeous scenery and fascinating culture, the list goes on and on! One of Italy’s greatest strengths is the variety it offers in terms of location, culture and price. 


Today we are going to explore how you can enjoy you dream wedding in Italy, no matter what season it is! 


Winter Wedding

 Wedding couple hugging

 Photo credit: Rosario Borzacchiello

Although it may not be the most popular time to get married, or indeed the first season that pops up in general when you think of Italy, you may be surprised at what a great option tying the knot during the winter (L’inverno in Italian) months can be! 

If you are on a stricter budget, you will find that prices are generally a lot lower than during the summer months, you can also take advantage of the fact that many of the top wedding planners/photographers/caterers etc. will be less busy at this time so you will be able to choose from the cream of the crop! 

The snowy mountains of Northern Italy could be the perfect choice for you if you are planning the perfect winter wonderland wedding! You can also find some great ideas for a Christmas wedding in this past article. 


Spring Wedding 

wedding couple in Italy in Spring

 Photo credit: Francesca Boccabella

Spring (Primavera in Italian) is traditionally a time of rebirth and new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate your wedding and the beginning of your new married life together! 

Spring is a great time of year for a rustic or eco friendly celebration as the gentle re-awakening of nature provides the perfect backdrop! 

Brides who like flowing, girly wedding dresses in soft colours will also love getting married during the springtime as they will work perfectly with the gradually rising temperature! 

Find out more about how to plan the perfect spring wedding in this past article. 


Summer Wedding 

Wedding couple overlooking an Italian sea

Photo credit: Enzo Campitelli

From the Amalfi coast to the Sicilian shore, Italy truly comes alive during the summer (L’estate in Italian) time with an explosion of life, colour and vibrancy! This is the perfect time of year to get married if you long for a beach wedding, or just love soaking up the sun in some of the most beautiful locations on earth! 

Although you need to be careful to plan for the sometimes extreme temperatures, summer is truly a magnificent time to tie the knot in Italy. 

Check out this past article for more tips on how to have the perfect summer wedding! 


Autumn Wedding 

Wedding couple kissing in Italy

 Photo credit: Francesca Boccabella

Autumn (Autunno in italian) is somewhat underrated when it comes to picking the best time to get married in Italy. Similarly to the winter months, you will often find that prices are significantly lower in Autumn. 

This is also the perfect time of year for a laid back, relaxed ceremony with close family and friends, against the backdrop of falling leaves and the beginning of nature’s yearly retreat into its winter hibernation. 

This past article gives a great run down of reasons why Autumn might just be the perfect season for you!

If you are looking for something quirky and original, Autumn also offers the opportunity to throw a Halloween Wedding


So there you have it! Have you decided which season you would like to get married in yet? We're always on hand to help you with any advice you may need to help you make the final decision! 

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