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No Children to our wedding, thanks!

No Children to our wedding, thanks!


We’ve said it time and time again, sending out wedding invitations can be a real minefield! There is a lot of potential for hurt feelings and people feeling snubbed if you don’t  handle the invitation process with care. 

One question that many couples dread is “Can my children come to your wedding as well”?, whether the children in question are still school aged or fully grown adults, it can be difficult to know how to let the person who has asked you down gently. 

Today we want to try and give you a couple of tips to help you navigate this conversation. 

We’ve discussed this issue previously in this past article, but there are a couple of extra points that bear mentioning in this situation. 


1.Be firm yet polite 


You don’t need to be rude when you are telling someone that their kids can’t come to your wedding, at the same time, you want to make sure that your message comes across loud and clear, and that there is no room for misinterpretation. 

2, Be honest 


Or at least as honest as you can! Don’t tell people you are having a childfree wedding if you are going to have children of close family members present. Most people should be understanding of a “family children only” policy. If they aren’t, try to remember that they are the ones being rude in this situation, not you! 

If the children in question are adults, make it clear that you cannot add additional people to the wedding due to the fact that your budget is already set, and you have selected your guests based on this budget (this doesn’t have to be true) 

3. Don’t succumb to pressure 


If you don’t want someone’s children at your wedding, you are not obliged to have them there. Don’t let yourself be browbeaten into inviting them, and don’t accept any guilt trips. For example. your guest might say “Oh now I have to hire a babysitter!”, or they may be unwilling to travel to your destination wedding without their children in tow. Make it clear that your mind is already made up on the issue 


4. Explain that the wedding won’t be child friendly 


If guests are really insisting on wanting to bring their children, let the know that you do not have any child friendly activities or or entertainment planned. The idea of having to sit with a child bored out of his/her mind during the whole day might put them off! 


5. Explain that you are only inviting close friends and family 


This is an especially good tip when someone is asking you If their adult children can come to your big day. Explain that you want to share this moment with people that have a special place in your heart, and that you would prefer not to have guests there who you don’t know personally (if you don’t know their children). Most people should get the hint at this point. 


So there you have it! Do you have any guest list worries or doubts that you’d like to ask us about? We’re always here to help! 

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