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Walking Down the Aisle

Photo: Elia Vaccaro

Walking Down the Aisle


When it comes to popular images associated with wedding ceremonies, one of the most common is that of the father of the bride walking her down the aisle to the strains of the ever popular “Here Comes the Bride”. 

This particular arrangement is remarkably similar across many cultures and time periods, and is usually taken to symbolise the idea of the father “giving” the bride away to her new husband, who will now take over the duties of caring for and protecting her. 

While many brides continue too favour this traditional approach, there are many alternative options to choose from, depending on your circumstances and philosophy towards wedding traditions. 


Mother of the Bride 

 If you have been raised by a single mother, of if your father has passed away or is no longer a part of your life for whatever reason, having your mother walk you up the aisle can be a beautiful way to symbolise the important role that she has played in raising you to be the woman you are today. 


Other Family Members 

 Photo credit: Francesca Boccabella

If you have another family member, such as an uncle, grandfather, brother or cousin who has acted as a father figure for you throughout your life, why not ask them to do you the honour of giving you away to your new husband? 


Both Father and Mother 

 Many couples are opting for the new option of asking both their father and mothers to accompany them up the aisle. This step away from tradition is  great way to honour the role that both parents have played in your life. It also gives them both a chance to enjoy a bit of the wedding day spotlight! This set-up is traditional within the Jewish faith. 


Solo Bride 

 Photo: Francesca Boccabella

As traditions have changed throughout the years, more and more brides are opting to walk up the aisle solo. Some brides even ask their father to accompany them half way up the aisle, before continuing alone, tying in with the symbolism of the bride leaving the protection of the family unit and beginning her own family with her new husband. 


Bride and Groom Together

 Photo: Francesca Boccabella

Another popular modern choice is for the bride and grotto walk down the aisle together, as opposed to the groom waiting alone at the altar. This fresh approach symbolises equality in the partnership, and is a great choice for a more laid back wedding. 


LGBT Wedding 

 Photo: Francesca Boccabella

When is comes to LGBT weddings, as always the “rules” are very open to interpretation. Some couples will choose to mirror the tradition of the father walking the bride/groom up the aisle, and simply repeat it for both members of the couple, while others may try a combination of the new ideas mentioned above. 


So there you have it! Have you given any thought as to how you would like to walk down the aisle? We’d love to help you make your decision!

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