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Wedding Gifts (how to best optimise them to your needs)

Wedding Gifts (how to best optimise them to your needs)


So, the wedding gift industry has exploded in recent years. There are so many options out there that it can leave guests feeling lost and confused.

It’s the usual drama for both sides! Guests not having a clue of what to get and couples wanting the perfect gift but just not knowing how to ask.

In most cases, the guests turn to the same usual “safe” gift that everybody else buys. As result couples are often left with doubles here and there: 3 or 4 cutlery sets, different type of plate settings etc., most of which they don’t need or want

Why not help your guest in finding the right gift for you? Believe me they will appreciate a bit of guidance!

Here is a list of 5 ways you can optimise your wedding gifts:

1. Wedding List 

Wedding Lists are becoming increasingly popular and indeed it is a great way to direct your guests to the gift you want. Just make sure you have a wide range of items at different price points on your list to accommodate different budgets.

If you are getting married abroad or have guests coming from all over the planet, an online wedding list might be ideal.

This gives everybody the chance to get you something you want without physically having to go to the shop or bring the gift with them while travelling to your wedding. 

2. Bank account details 

Asking guests to transfer the wedding gift in cash into a bank account is something that more and more couples are doing nowadays.

The magiority of couples that tend to go down this road, are those who have yet to buy their first home, and so prefer to have cash so they can buy whatever they like for the future new home down the line.

For many however, it is embarrassing to ask guests for such thing.

Explain why you ask for cash, your guests are your family and friends, they will understand. Besides, many would be happy to transfer the money as you are helping them save time and avoid spending countless hours hunting down the right gift for you.

3. Gift Cards 

To make things easier for everyone, gift cards are a great solution!

Pick a store you love that has everything from bed lining to kitchen tools etc. and ask your guests to buy gift cards from there. Easy, no sweat or stress. Simple!

4. Funds 

Because most couples already live together before they get married and perhaps already have everything they need, they tend to ask their guests for money for other purposes such as the funds for a nice honeymoon or for their children’s college fees.

Again, make sure you let your guests know what the funds are for, it makes people happy to know that they have contributed to making your dreams come true!

5. Charity

If you feel like you don’t need anything and just want someone else less fortunate to be as happy as you are, then you might want to consider the idea of asking your guests to donate their wedding gifts to the charities close to your heart.


So there you have it!

Do whatever you think it’s best for you and your guests but our advice to you is, don’t leave it be.

Give your guests some sort of guidance, a direction, set down some guidelines of what you would like to get.

Your guests will appreciate some help, you reduce the stress placed on them and you get the gifts you desire, everybody wins!


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