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What to Wear for your LGBT Wedding

Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli

What to Wear for your LGBT Wedding

Here at Wedding & Italy, we have already written a number of articles about how to throw the perfect LGBT wedding. Today, we are focusing on an important aspect of the big day that often goes overlooked, what should the brides and grooms wear? 

As with all couples, the best option is whatever you feel happiest in! To help you discover the perfect outfits, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular choices to help inspire you. 


Go Traditional 

 Photo Credit: Francesca Boccabella

Although many aspects of your wedding may not be traditional, there is no rule that says you have to completely avoid more traditional wedding attire. Many same sex couples choose to stick with the ever popular options; long white dresses for women and smart black suits for men. 


Traditional - with a twist! 

 Credit: gaycelebrant.melbourne

 If you want to stick to tradition but also put your own fun stamp on the big day, then you can consider wearing modified versions of the traditional options. For example we have recently covered the increasing popularity of non-white wedding dresses in this article. You could choose a colour that has a specific significance for you, or even go the whole hog and opt for a dress in all the colours of the pride rainbow! 

For grooms, instead of the traditional black tuxedo, why not opt for a more eye-catching colour, or even a funky pattern?


Flout Gender Norms 

 Credit: Equally Wed

As more and more LGBT individuals take steps towards courageously living as their true selves, there is a growing awareness of the importance of the breaking of gender stereotypes and norms within the LGBT community. What better way to represent this than opting for some gender non-conforming outfits for your big day? For example, many lesbian brides opt to don a dapper tuxedo while some gay grooms may choose to add some stereotypically “feminine” aspects to their outfits, such as make-up, hair pieces or a bouquet. The important thing is to be yourself and incorporate your personality into your choice. 


Mix and Match Approach 

 Credit: Colorado Gay wedding

One great idea is to mix and match the three categories mentioned above to best represent your individual personalities and tastes! For example, you will often see one half of a lesbian couple opt for the traditional white wedding gown, and the other dressed in an elegant suit. The beauty of the LGBT wedding is that there truly are no “rules” and you are free to mix and match styles as you please! 


So there you have it! Have you had any difficulty in selecting outfits for your LGBT wedding? We’d love to help you choose!

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