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How Long Should Our Engagement Last?


So, you've just gotten engaged! How long should you wait before tying the knot?

How to Find out your Partner's Ring Size


How to figure out the correct size for your partner's engagement ring

Gothic Wedding in Italy


Tips on how to throw the perfect Gothic Wedding! 

Information to Include in Your Wedding Invitations


What information should you include in your wedding invitations? 

Walking Down the Aisle


Have you chosen the person to walk you down the isle? There are so many option to go for...

How to Hire a Babysitter for Your Big Day


Have you invited the little ones at your wedding in Italy and are now wondering about the baby sitter? Check this out...

How to Communicate with Non-English speaking Vendors


If you are worried about communicating with Italian vendors, there are ways to make sure your message come across without misunderstandings...

No Children to our wedding, thanks!


One question that many couples dread is “Can my children come to your wedding as well”? Here is how to answer..

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