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When to get married following the zodiac


When is the perfect time to plan your wedding in Italy? Perhaps it’s already written in the stars!

Italy - A Wedding Destination for All Seasons!


If you are planning to get married in Italy but not sure the seasons, check this out....

How to Avoid Your Guests Drinking Too Much


Here are a couple of tips to ensure that your guests don’t go overboard during your reception: 

Celebrities and their Glamorous weddings in Italy


Italy is considered the most popular wedding destination in Europe.. and Celebrities know it...

Advice for Parents


your child is getting married and you are feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement. Here are few tips for you...

Who pays For What?


Planning a wedding and wondering who should hold the checkbook open?

What to Wear for your LGBT Wedding


If you are wondering what to wear at your LGBT wedding, here are few ideas:

Top 6 Italian Wedding Locations (plus a few you may not have heard of!)


Italy is considered one of the top wedding destination in the world, let's find out what parts of the country are most picked...

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